Welcome to The Nursing Professor!  I am so excited that you are here.

My goal is to provide up-to-date, relevant material in an easy to understand, concise format to help guide you on your nursing school journey and eliminate the overwhelm that comes along with it.

In the very near future, this blog will entail top-notch resources to help you - including tips, tricks, techniques, and information regarding (but not limited to):

  • lecture content, disease processes, etc.

  • clinical

  • study habits

  • time management tips

  • NCLEX preparation

  • help for the job hunt

I am striving to create an all-inclusive resource website to help streamline your studying and help you with all aspects of school. 

Have something in particular that you would like to hear more about? Send me an email or leave a comment below!

Let me know how I can best serve you!