erica s., rn school member (2019) & nursing student


“Brooke knows nursing school!!

She gets it - the exams, the teaching, the enormous textbooks. And she breaks it down comprehensively so that you understand the content and feel comfortable going into each test thinking “I got this!” Teachers in the classroom can only get you so far. That’s where Brooke comes in.

It’s like having your own personal tutor for every unit in real time, as it comes up in your class. She explains things thoroughly and breaks it down so it can be easily understood and digested.

The tools she provides are invaluable - the “cheat sheets,” PowerPoints, interactive Facebook lives, they all come together to give you the best chance of not just making it through nursing school, but succeeding at your best potential!

I couldn’t have done it without her!”


"Brooke Butcher helped me significantly during my last semester of nursing school. I was a student that struggled with test questions. I knew the information but wasn't able to carry it over on to the test. She helped me format different study techniques to help me learn the information that would help me pass those tests. She supported me and made sure I had all the resources available to me. During our busy schedule of nursing school she took the time to meet with me after class at least 2 times a week to review material and make sure I was on track. I honestly couldn't have made it through the last semester without her guidance and support."



"Brooke Butcher was always the one who made us feel like everything was actually going to be okay, which was much needed during that last semester when tension is high. Her lectures were always so in depth and touched on all of the important information and it was all done with such grace.Her cardiac lectures are what actually pushed me to stay working at a heart hospital post graduation! Through my externship I had doubted if I'd be able to take care of patients who've had damage to one of their most vital organs, but once we learned about it in class, it all came together for me and I grew to enjoy the idea of cardiac nursing even more!."

NICHOLE, Nursing Student

”Professor Butcher is a great instructor. She has always been very encouraging and goes out of her way to help you succeed. Through my time in nursing school she always made herself available to students and went the extra mile to help us understand content and how to apply it to our future nursing careers. I couldn't have asked for a more prepared and knowledgeable professor."

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Megan, Nursing Student

"Brooke Butcher was my professor during nursing school. She always went the extra mile to help me learn and understand the subjects. In nursing school, my biggest challenge was during critical care. Brooke took extra time and evenings to help me make sure I understood the material. She also would hold extra study sessions for my classmates to ask questions before most of our tests. Brooke always challenged me during clinical by expanding my critical thinking and how to prioritize. After I had graduated and pursuing my bachelors, she continued to help me with writing my papers. Brooke really cared about each one of the students and wanted to see each one of them succeed."