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What your nursing professors don't tell you...

What your nursing professors don't tell you...

It is not hard for me to think back to the frustrating days of nursing school.

I worked as a tech in a busy emergency room throughout my time in nursing school. Upon graduating, I definitely felt as though I learned far more working as an ER tech than I ever learned in school.  

I vividly remember telling my mother (a seasoned nurse - i.e. an RN that most of her colleagues would define as a badass) that I was pretty sure some of my professors had never touched a patient or worked at the bedside before.

It wasn't that infrequently that we would learn something in class that was considered outdated in actual practice. 

I carried all of these sentiments with me...until I became a nursing instructor and learned some things that they usually don't share with their students. 

Information that I think would have been helpful, had I known it during school.

Well now, I am sharing it with you...